A new way to care

You’re more than a clinician. You’re a caregiver.

Now you can offer your hearing aid patients not just a product, but an experience, a process of learning, to enhance that product’s effectiveness. You can provide ReadMyQuips, an invaluable tool with a holistic approach never before seen on the market.

Everyone knows about the alarmingly high rate of returns among hearing aid customers. Recent market studies have estimated it to be as high as one in five. Customers are often dissatisfied because hearing aids alone are not effective enough at isolating speech in noisy environments—precisely the kind of environments in which many people feel their hearing loss most acutely. ReadMyQuips’ innovative approach allows your patients to tackle these everyday challenges with confidence.

Better system, better results

ReadMyQuips is so effective for two reasons: it mimics real-life face-to-face communication, and it offers an enjoyable experience. A realistic program allows your patients to reap the benefits of the “global” approach: learning to understand speech as a whole, with context, facial expressions, and body language taken into account. And the fun factor means your patients spend more time using the program. They’ll actually look forward to using ReadMyQuips, and “time on task” directly correlates to improved skills.

Our innovative system adapts to your clients’ skills as they improve. The first few puzzles are easy to hear, but as a player advances, she must rely more and more on visual cues as the noise level rises. Your clients will be surprised at how much they can comprehend, even in a very noisy environment. And with their new sense of confidence, they won’t feel the need to return their hearing aid!

Simple for them, easy for you

We make it easy for you to incorporate ReadMyQuips into your practice. There’s almost no overhead—no boxes to clutter your office, and no re-stocking to worry about. We offer round-the-clock technical support to you and your patients, and easy step-by-step instructions. Questions about updates and how-tos come directly to us. The credit for your patients’ improved speech comprehension ... goes to you!

When patients gain new confidence and more realistic expectations about their hearing aid, they’ll feel satisfied with their care—and their relationship with you. Their next hearing aid will come from you, and they’ll recommend you to their friends. Doesn’t everyone know someone who needs a hearing aid?