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“Train Your Brain” and Understand Again!

A busy restaurant, a crowded family gathering, a noisy doctor's office— have you given up on hearing in places like these? Does it seem like there’s no way to understand your friends when they speak in a noisy environment?

There is! When you train your eyes, ears and brain to work together, you’ll be amazed at how much you can understand speech in the loudest of surroundings. ReadMyQuips, the new audio-visual home training system, teaches you how!

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ReadMyQuips can help you understand. And best of all, it's designed to be both entertaining and effective!

For the Hearing Impaired

Find out more about the holistic approach of ReadMyQuips. Have fun while you “train your brain” to understand speech in even the noisiest situations!

For Hearing Professionals

Home training is the perfect complement to traditional aural rehabilitation. Learn more about how adding ReadMyQuips to your practice can benefit you and your patients.