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QuipConnect Means Continued Caring

The need for hearing care doesn't end when a hearing aid is fitted. For most users, the new device takes some getting used to, and training and rehabilitation are an essential part of that process. That's what makes ReadMyQuips so valuable, and our exclusive QuipConnect service makes it even easier to stay connected.

How it works

  • When a user purchases ReadMyQuips content, he will have the option of enabling QuipConnect for his account. Once QuipConnect is enabled, a user is able to upload a record of all his ReadMyQuips sessions right from within ReadMyQuips or ReadMyQuips Live.
  • You can view your uploaded session histories in the user area of our website. What's more you can authorize any registered hearing care provider to view them too. Only providers you explicitly authorize will be able to see your information (click here to see our privacy policy).
  • If you're a hearing care professional, you simply register with us as a provider, and give your user-name to your clients. Then they'll automatically be able to authorize you to see their data.

Both users and providers can enter comments and questions about their practice right from the session history page. These are strictly confidential, and are simple way for professionals to monitor their clients progress.

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