How do I use QuipConnect

Please note: at this time, QuipConnect must be manually enabled for your account. For more information, please contact technical support.
  1. To use QuipConnect you must have purchased the ReadMyQuips Complete product, or been given a valid registration code.
  2. Once QuipConnect has been enabled for your account, you will see a QuipConnect tab on the left of your account dashboard, which you can reach by clicking the "My Account" link at the top of the screen:
  3. Click that tab, and you will see a form which will enable you to authorize a provider:
  4. You must agree to the terms and conditions:
  5. As you work through the puzzles, you can click "Save" (at the top of the screen) to upload your session data to our servers:
  6. You can view your session history on the QuipConnect page. This is the exact same information that will be shared with the provider you authorized above:
  7. Note that you can de-authorize a provider at any time by selecting their name and clicking "De-Authorize":